Company Name Change

The name of a company or LLP can be changed with Board of Directors and Shareholders approval.

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The name of an organization or LLP can be changed by the promoters at whenever after consolidation. A portion of the significant explanations behind difference in organization name are plan of action change, change of promoters, rebranding, and so forth., To change the name of an organization, investors endorsement is required alongside endorsement from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The difference in name of an organization or LLP however has no effect on the legitimate substance or its reality. Consequently, all advantages and liabilities of the substance would proceed, while just the name of the organization would have been changed.

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  • Date of last name change of the Company & Details name change history from the date of incorporation
  • Copy of receipt of payment of the Annual Listing Fees for the current year and arrears, if any
  • Three copies of specimen of printed stickers for affixing on share certificates.( showing new name)
  • An audited copy of the financial results for the last one-year
  • Certificate of Incorporation subsequent to change in name of the Company
  • Brief details about the current line of business of the Company


  • Check Name Availability
  • Preparation of Board Resolution
  • Making Roc Payment
  • Name Approval Letter


Board Resolution

The board needs to approve an adjustment for the sake of the private constrained organization and approve an executive or organization secretary to apply for the same to the MCA. In the meantime, a choice should be taken to assemble another load up meeting for a difference in name (after endorsement) and furthermore to roll out improvements in the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MoA and AoA).

Check Availability

The application sent by the executive or organization secretary (or any approved individual) will be recorded with the MCA. The method is like the application submitted amid organization joining and the new name ought to be in adherence to the naming rules given in the Companies Act, 2013.

Uncommon Resolution

On the off chance that the name is affirmed, the organization must hold an exceptional general meeting to pass a unique determination for the difference in organization in the name and similar changes in the MoA and AoA

Endorsement of Company Name Change

Once the extraordinary determination is passed, you should document this with the Registrar of Companies. A frame 1B, alongside the imperative charge for name change, as given by MCA, should be submitted to get the last endorsement. This is the essential stage, and once you are through this, the following methods are straightforward.

New Certificate of Incorporation

On the off chance that the Registrar is happy with the application, it will issue another endorsement of consolidation. This declaration is a demonstrate sign that the innocence of the organization has been changed, and every one of the records and any correspondence will be successful with the utilization of the changed name, after they are joined in MoA and AoA.

Change the MoA and AOA

With the New Testament issued, you would now be able to adjust the MoA and AoA. This will conclude the technique. Despite the fact that another joining authentication is issued (with the changed name), the various lawful conventions continue as before, and the organization can't escape any past commitments to them.